Zambia HIV Prevention Toolkit

The Zambia HIV Prevention eToolkit is designed to inform and empower policy makers, programme managers and service providers with evidence-based knowledge and information for the continuous improvement of their interventions. 

The Toolkit was developed by a knowledge management task team of key Zambian government departments, civil society organisations and international cooperating partners, led by the Southern African HIV/AIDS Information Dissemination Service (SAfAIDS).  

The Toolkit provides:

  • Local and international research on HIV statistics, modes of transmission and prevention interventions in Zambia,
  • Key national strategies and guidelines on HIV, development, and various HIV prevention interventions such as counselling and testing, male circumcision, and behaviour change communication, etc,
  • Programming examples and case studies of effective HIV prevention methodologies and programmes in Zambia.  

The toolkit aims to support and enhance the coordination and sharing of HIV prevention related information in Zambia to ensure an effective and sustained response. There are various sub-sections in this toolkit they are:


Toolkit last updated: September 05, 2013

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