Uganda National Policy Guidelines for HIV Counseling and Testing

This policy addresses youth directly in one section. It states that only those who have attained the legal age of majority (18 years) can consent to voluntary counseling and testing (VCT). On the other hand, the policy recognizes that the need for VCT starts at ages earlier than 18. The age of consent, and dissent, to VCT is stated to be 12 years, however, approval of a parent or guardian is required for those youth ages 12-18. For children without a parent or guardian, the head of the institution or any other responsible adult may give approval. Emancipated minors are to be treated as adults. Finally, counselors are given the responsibility of deciding whether the testing is being carried out for the benefit of the minor, and they are also allowed to decide to whom results of the testing should be given. The counselor is not obligated to release the results to the individuals who gave consent for the testing.

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Ministry of Health Uganda