Seizing the Opportunities of Adolescent Health

Economic and social change have brought great opportunities and threats to adolescent health for rich and poor nations alike. The health transition, together with changes in adolescent social roles, has shifted the burden from childhood infectious diseases towards adolescent injuries and health-jeopardizing behaviors in all but the poorest countries. Fortunately, research has clarified many determinants of these behaviors, and wide-ranging prevention approaches to minimize harm and promote health have been identified. The challenge is how to increase use of efficacious policies and programs worldwide, while recognizing that communities and nations differ and need to make local decisions. Likewise, there is a need to understand that adolescent health contributes to adult health and can deliver economic dividends to nations that invest wisely in adolescent health.

The Lancet
Resnick MD1, Catalano RF, Sawyer SM, Viner R, Patton GC