Prevalence and Severity of Malnutrition and Age at Menarche; Cross-Sectional Studies in Adolescent Schoolgirls in Western Kenya

Abstract: Nutritional status is an important marker of overall health and linear growth retardation has serious long-term physiological and economic consequences. Approximately 35 and 29% of preschool children in sub-Saharan Africa are stunted and underweight, respectively. There is relatively little information available about the nutritional status in adolescents, the age group with the highest growth velocity after infancy. We conducted a series of cross-sectional surveys to determine the prevalence and main risk groups for malnutrition and to describe the associations between age, sexual maturation and nutritional status in adolescent schoolgirls in western Kenya.

European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Leenstra T1, Petersen LT, Kariuki SK, Oloo AJ, Kager PA, ter Kuile FO.