Increasing abortion-related hospitalization rates among adolescents in Mexico in the last decade, by age group and by state of residence

Maternal mortality and morbidity represent persistent challenges in most countries, particularly in the developing world. According to the most recent World Health Organization (WHO) World Report on unsafe abortion mortality, abortion caused 47,000 deaths, 13.1% of the 358,000 overall maternal deaths estimated to have occurred in 2008. This proportion was calculated to be 12% in the Latin American region, and 9% in Central America (including Mexico). In Mexico, a recent analysis of the official data base of maternal mortality during nearly two decades shows that abortion related mortality caused 7.2% of all maternal deaths, with little variance over times in the absolute numbers and the proportion of maternal deaths.The objective of this study was to identify numbers and rates of hospitalizations due to all abortion-related causes, among Mexican adolescents 10-19 ys. of age, by years (2000 to 2010) and age sub-groups.

IPAS Mexico
Schiavon R., Troncoso E., Polo G.