Girls’ Leadership Development: Lessons from the Field

CARE defines a girl leader as an active learner who believes that she can make a difference in her world, and acts alone and with others to bring about positive change. This is not about top-down leadership in the traditional sense, but rather a girl’s ability to take action and exert a positive influence in her family and community. CARE has identified five key leadership characteristics which our leadership programs seek to develop:

  • Voice/Assertion: Able to articulate thoughts and make decisions, be critical, ask questions and be assertive. Having a voice and knowing she has the right to an opinion.
  • Decision-making/Action: A sense that her decisions matter in her own life, that she can create opportunities for herself.
  • Self-confidence: A belief in her value as a person.
  • Organization: Able to organize herself to achieve her goals; able to take something from an idea to a final product.
  • Vision /Ability to Motivate Others: Able to bring people together to accomplish something and to play an active role in the community

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