Girl Shine Program Model and Resource Package

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is delighted to present Girl Shine– a program model and resource package that seeks to support, protect, and empower adolescent girls in humanitarian settings. Girl Shine has been designed to help contribute to the improved prevention of and response to violence against adolescent girls in humanitarian settings, by providing them with skills and knowledge to identify types of GBV and seek support services if they experience or are at risk of GBV. Additionally, Girl Shine aims to build the social assets of girls to ensure they have someone they can turn to if they experience or are threatened by GBV. Girl Shine supports adolescent girls as they navigate a safe and healthy transition into adulthood, protected from GBV, supported by their caregivers and peers and able to claim their full rights. Girl Shine also provides adolescent girls with life skills that strengthen their social and emotional learning skills and provides them with information related to adolescent sexual and reproductive health, critical to making healthy decisions.

The Girl Shine program model and resource package can be used in multiple humanitarian settings, including conflict and natural disasters, as well as within the various phases of emergency response.   It is based on the experience and knowledge gathered through years of IRC’s Women’s Protection and Empowerment  efforts to reach adolescent girls in humanitarian settings. It has been adapted to reflect the latest research findings on the experiences of adolescent girls in humanitarian settings,  and the nature of GBV against adolescent girls. Girl Shine represents the culmination of IRC’s learning, shaped by research findings, our technical expertise in working with adolescent girls and feedback from adolescent girls we work with and their caregivers.

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