The GEAS Toolkit

The Global Early Adolescent Study ("toolkit") of instruments developed under the first phase of work is now publicly available. The toolkit includes instruments tested and developed across 13 countries on 5 continents, applicable to early adolescents 10-14 years of age.

  • Gender norms instrument with three sub-scales including sexual double standard, male sexual prowess, and normative heterosexual relationships.
  • Vignettes-based measure of gender equality.
  • Health+ instrument including modules on physical and sexual health; mental health and adverse child experiences; gender-based and interpersonal violence victimization and perpetration; contextual measures including neighborhood (cohesion and control), parental/family caring, connections and communication, peer (perceived attitudes and behaviors), school (safety, connectedness, and perceived value and support); puberty; and more.
  • Parent/guardian questionnaire gathering sociodemographic data while reducing survey burden on early adolescent participants and building connection with caregivers.
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Global Early Adolescent Study, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health