Evaluating report of Equal Community Foundation's Hummingbird Raise Programme

This report is an evaluation of the HummingbirdRaise Programme, representingcollaboration between two support organizations – Equal Community Foundation (technical support) and Hummingbird Foundation (financial support) – and a number of implementing organizations in West Bengal, India. ECF and HBF launched HRaise in December 2014. The overall objective of the programme is to build capacity of community based organisations in the development sector that already work with women and girls to start working with boys and men. Partners use and adapt ECF’s Action for Equality Programme in order to prevent gender-based violence and discrimination; and contribute to the prevention of trafficking. In the AfE Programme, groups of boys move through a 15 week cycle, where the first two sessions are games events (to attract boys to the program); 11 sessions are educative; and the last two sessions are action events where boys take up an issue and present to the community. Boys meet every week for two hours. Facilitators use participatory sessions to enable boys’ learning. About 70+ organizations applied to be a part of HRaise from South and North 24 Parganas districts. The organizations were selected through a rigorous process.

Equal Community Foundation
Zaveri, So