Uganda AFFORD Health Marketing Initiative

The vision of the USAID-funded AFFORD Health Marketing Initiative is a Uganda where families and communities are empowered to protect and improve their health; markets for health products and services are vibrant and expanding; and consumer access to affordable health products and services steadily improves and is increasingly sustainable. 

The five-year  (2005-2010) AFFORD Health Marketing Initiative developed and implemented a range of successful communication programs, distributed and marketed health products and services and established a local entity, the Uganda Health Marketing Group (UHMG) to sustain these activities.

The second phase (2010-2013), AFFORD II, builds on the achievements of the original project with a focus on strengthening UHMG, established and legally incorporated in 2006 as an indigenous non-profit organization. As a young organization, UHMG has demonstrated its viability in Uganda’s private health sector. AFFORD II will continue to provide technical resources and support as UHMG transitions to a self financed and self governed private sector institution.

This e-Toolkit provides key resources—reports, strategy documents and material—developed throughout the life of the AFFORD project, organizing the resources by AFFORD I, AFFORD II and UHMG. 

Toolkit last updated: September 30, 2014