TCDC's Experience

Extensive Experience in Tanzania

Over the past sixteen years, Tanzania Communication and Development Center (TCDC) staff have been involved in the design and implementation of some of Tanzania’s most successful social marketing, social and behavior change communication (SBCC), and community mobilization programs, in collaboration with various Government of Malawi partners. Projects and campaigns involved include:

  • The Wazazi Nipendeni Safe Motherhood Campaign

TCDC staff led the design and implementation of the Wazazi Nipendeni (“Love me, parents!”) safe motherhood campaign. The campaign provides a platform that integrates safe motherhood messages through mass media, mid-media, and an SMS component in which pregnant women, husbands, and other caretakers can enroll for free to receive appointment reminders and tips for a healthy pregnancy. The campaign also emphasizes the creation of an individual birth plan.

  • The Sio Kila Homa Ni Malaria Testing and Treatment Campaign

TCDC staff managed Phase I of the Sio Kila Homa Ni Malaria! (“Not every fever is malaria!”) testing and treatment campaign, and led the design and implementation of Phase II. TCDC worked with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), Population Services International (PSI), and TCCP.

  • The Fuata Nyota ya Kijani Family Planning Campaign

TCDC staff led the design, implementation and launched the Fuata Nyota ya Kijani upate mafanikio (“Follow the Green Star for Development”) family planning campaign, which uses radio spots, newspaper advertisements, blogs, print materials, and direct engagement to support the work of community volunteers to promote the child-spacing and benefits of family planning.

  • The Tuko Wangapi? Tulizana! Concurrent Partnership Campaign

TCDC staff were involved in the design and implementation of the Tuko Wangapi? Tulizana (“How many are we? Settle down”) Concurrent partnership campaign, which used radio, television, print materials, social media, and direct engagement to discuss the negative health consequences of multiple concurrent partners.

  • The Tunakuthamini HIV Care and Treatment Campaign

TCDC staff worked with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, the Tanzania Commission for AIDS, and partners to design, develop, and implement a national radio campaign to address HIV/AIDS care and treatment.

  • Social Marketing to Promote Fortified Food in Tanzania

TCDC staff were contracted by Helen Keller Tanzania on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare through TCCP and Footprint to assist in designing the national social marketing strategy for fortified food in Tanzania. The strategy is currently in use by food fortification partners.

  • The Chonde Chonde Ulevi Noma! Responsible Drinking Campaign

TCDC staff worked to design, develop, and implement a multimedia SBCC campaign that used radio, print materials, bumper stickers, banners, and direct engagement to discourage excessive alcohol intake and educate community members about the dangers of excessive drinking.

  •  The Fataki Cross-Generational Sex Campaign

TCDC staff designed, developed, and implemented the Fataki radio campaign, which discouraged cross-generational sex between predatory older men and young school-aged girls.