Tanzania Strategic Health Communication Network (TASHCOM)

The Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (CCP) Leadership in Strategic Health Communication Workshop (LSHC) was CCP’s global flagship training program. This unique and transformational learning experience for communication professionals guided participants through the development of a behavior change communication program while instilling key leadership concepts and principles.

When the Tanzania Capacity and Communication Program (TCCP) began, CCP saw that LSHC alumni in Tanzania were a powerful resource for building local social and behavior change communication capacity (SBCC), advocacy, and resource mobilization for SBCC in Tanzania. To harness that power, TCCP supported LSHC alumni in forming the Tanzania Strategic Health Communication (TASHCOM) Network.

This national alumni network was formed in August of 2011, in collaboration with AfriComNet. The strategy to support the alumni included building sustainability into activities to ensure that the network would continue after the end of TCCP, to create a forum for annual review and planning, to maintain a membership database, and to establish platforms to share information through social and professional networking (including Facebook, SpringBoard, and LinkedIn). 

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