Radio Magazine Program

Radio is the most widely accessed form of media in Tanzania. In addition to Tanzania’s national stations, there has been rapid growth in regional radio which has created the opportunity for the Tanzania Capacity and Communication Project (TCCP) to disseminate programming tailored to specific regions. Previously, the Strategic Radio Communication for Development (STRADCOM) Radio Magazine programs were produced and aired on three national radio stations and 15 regional and local stations in 2007. STRADCOM trained radio producers in interview skills and provided them with equipment, including computers for program editing, and recorders aimed to improve radio programing. This program led to the production of high-quality community radio programs focused on HIV. Programs featured HIV-positive diarists who shared their daily life experiences living with HIV, including dealing with stigma and living positively.

TCCP built upon the success of the Radio Magazine Program started by the 2007 STRADCOM project by re-launching the program in 2012. Entities such as District Medical Officers, Regional AIDS Control Coordinators, and medical doctors and experts used the radio magazine as a free platform to generate demand for services. Additionally, these programs have also incorporated segments focusing on other HIV-related issues, including voluntary medical male circumcision, most vulnerable children, sexually transmitted infections, prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV, alcohol use, antiretroviral therapy, and condom use.

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