Progress and Impact

The Tanzania Capacity and Communication Project (TCCP) has established a district-level monitoring system to monitor progress of communities. There is also a regional level field supervision, and solicited feedback from Community Change Agents (CCAs) and community members. These suggestions will be used to improve CCA understanding and implementations of Community Resource Kit (CRK) sessions.


“The lesson was good because it was education. The audience enjoyed being educated. This was not the first time I saw a condom demonstration, but this is the first time that I learned how to properly dispose of the condoms.”

- Fatuma

“I didn’t know about chronic TB, but this lesson has opened my eyes.”

- Rashid

“This Toolkit is very participatory since it uses simple language, lots of role plays…these enable everyone to understand.”

- Masau

“The games are so fun and participatory; they make us focus all our attention on knowing what is going to happen next…”

- Robert