Program Expansion and Strengthening


The Tanzania Capacity and Communication Project (TCCP) expanded the Radio Magazine Progam’s focus to include several other health topics: safe motherhood, maternal and child health, family planning, and malaria. By expanding the health focus of the program, TCCP paved the way for the involvement of other, non-HIV partners. TCCP also worked to include certain stations to fill gaps in listenership. These stations included Clouds FM due to its high production quality and national reach, Times FM for its coverage in Dar es Salaam, and Best FM for its coverage of Ludewa district in Njombe, Iringa.

Along with the shift in focus of the Radio Magazine Program, TCCP defined new objectives. TCCP adopted a comprehensive and strategic approach to achieve these goals.

Re-defined objectives of the program included:

  • Link radio producers and presenters with local, government, and US government partners to create opportunities for these partners to disseminate essential health information to Tanzanian communities.
  • Build the programming capacity of radio producers, and provide new, quality equipment to facilitate high-quality production of health programs.
  • Actively measure the results of these programs on behavior change, attitudes, and perceptions of community members.


Before launching the refreshed Radio Magazine Program, TCCP conducted a three day-workshop in September 2012 with radio magazine producers and presenters, and select implementing and government partners. During this workshop, participants reviewed the Strategic Radio Communication for Development Project (STRADCOM) Radio Magazine Program, identified gaps and opportunities, and generated new ideas to improve the design of the program.

Participants concluded that the program should:

  • Incorporate more entertainment-education.
  • Shift program names to accommodate the incorporation of new health topics.
  • Adjust program air times to capture wider audiences.
  • Build social and behavior change communication capacity of radio program producers.
  • Renew a focus on positive and productive living for people living with HIV.
  • Strengthen linkages with health experts to support quality programming.
  • Actively support other TCCP and partner campaigns to enhance demand creation.

Throughout TCCP’s implementation, partner radio producers and presenters were continually oriented on TCCP campaigns and invited to campaign launch events. This ensured that they fully understood the campaigns, and could incorporate them into their programs to support nationwide implementation. In March of 2014, a year and a half after the relaunch of the Radio Magazine Program, TCCP reunited partners to share their experiences and receive feedback.