Objectives and Campaign Format

Game show participants from Mwanza.


Aiisseeee! targets couples of reproductive age. The program aims to influence couple communication, couple connectedness, relationship satisfaction, shared decision-making, and social norms around romantic relationships, as well as knowledge and skills of the health topics in order to impact health outcomes. The program was designed to meaningfully engage both contestants and the wider audience, approach serious issues in a humorous way, and ‘push the envelope,’ without being aggressive or culturally insensitive. The program seeks to model couple connectedness through mass media in order to increase reach, while simultaneously addressing the subject in an in-depth enough manner to create sustainable change.

Campaign Format

The program took on combined game show/documentary format, supported by mass media and social media. In the game show component, three couples compete in the studio to see which pair knows each other best, alternating between rounds where men are asked questions about the women and vice versa. After each round partners are brought back into the studio to see if their answers match. In the final ‘hot seat’ round, each player answers the same question twice, once about themselves and once about their partner. Between studio competition rounds, the program cuts to street-style interviews in which passerbys are asked questions similar to those asked in the studio. Street interviews are also filmed in order to obtain visual content for the multi-channeled platform, and are then shared on YouTube. 

The Aiisseee! game show was originally produced and aired only over radio, but a TV version of the game was subsequently developed, produced, and aired as well. 

In addition to the radio show, TV show, and street interviews, Aiisseee! has a robust social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, and posts full-length episodes to SoundCloud. A Facebook App of the game show, called the “Connect-o-meter” allows couples to play together from home. Additionally, a ringtone of the theme song is available to fans through SoundCloud. Aiisseee! also produces and distributes promotional materials, such as t-shirts, stickers, banners, tire covers, and pens. Full TV episodes can also be viewed on YouTube. Episodes of the radio program can be heard below.