The Community Resource Kit (CRK) works to train facilitators who will:

  • Facilitate the learning process of participants and encourage their understanding of a wide range of health issues
  • Facilitate and listen rather than teach
  • Guide the group and keep them focused through dialogues
  • Prepare and ask questions; summarize discussions to the group
  • Conduct 4 activities per month from the CRK in their assigned catchment area

The CRK aims for participants to:

  • Better understand the range of health issues facing individual, families, and communities in Tanzania
  • Take reasonable and appropriate actions to prevent these diseases
  • Seek prompt diagnosis and treatment of illness when symptoms start
  • Accept and not stigmatize others in their family, workplace, or community for any reason, including health status, disability, or vulnerability
  • Be motivated to act in ways that help their community to become and remain healthy