National Communication Strategy

Following the launch of the plan, the Tanzania Capacity and Communication Project (TCCP) was asked to support the creation of a communication strategy for the National Costed Plan of Action (NCPAII). This strategy would guide activities to generate support for the NCPAII and raise awareness of its objectives. TCCP worked with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW) to develop the strategy. Through a collaborative process, TCCP developed a communication strategy with the following approaches, designed to support the achievement of the five core objectives of the NCPAII:

  1. Inspire families and communities to effectively care and protect most vulnerable children (MVCs) in families and communities.
  2. Engage local and influential leaders to take steps to enhance care and protection of MVCs within their communities. This could include ensuring that MVCs go to school; that HIV-positive MVCs receive treatment; that MVCs are properly protected and that their rights are respected; and to generally follow up on the wellbeing of MVCs.
  3. Motivate local leaders at the village and ward levels to establish MVC committees that would work hand in hand with community leaders in the care and protection of MVCs.
  4. Advocate for the enforcement of existing laws and the creation of new bylaws that support children’s care and protection.
  5. Advocate for discussion of factors that promote or encourage gender based violence (which greatly impacts MVC) and eventually to promote social change around these factors to reduce the incidence of gender based violence.