Mass Media

The Wazazi Nipendeni campaign utilized multiple mass media platforms for promotion:

  • TV spots: Three 60-second TV spots were aired on six TV stations during Phase One. These spots focused on receiving two doses of SP for prevention of malaria during pregnancyindividual birth planning, and PMTCT. Four 60-second TV spots were aired on three TV stations during Phase Two. These spots focused on prevention of malaria during pregnancybreastfeedingmaternal nutrition (including iron and folic acid supplements), and immunizationsView one of these TV spots below. 
  • Video reenactments: In Phase Two, a series of six, 10-minute dramatic reenactments told the real-life stories of women, couples, and families faced with challenges during pregnancy, delivery, and in the first year of the child’s life. 
  • Radio spots: Radio spots were aired on multiple national and regional radio stations focusing on each of the campaign objectives.
  • Billboards: Two campaign billboards were placed on major roads leaving the capital of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam. 
  • Bibi Bomba reality TV program: Through collaboration with Clouds Entertainment, Wazazi Nipendeni was featured in the Bibi Bomba television show – a program that follows the lives and experiences of 20 grandmothers from different regions of Tanzania. Bibi Bomba is a 30-minute program that is aired every day with one repeat on Saturday of all the week’s episodes. The show incorporated discussions on safe motherhood messages from the Wazazi Nipendeni campaign. 
  • Si Mchezo! Magazine: Articles and back-cover advertisements appeared in multiple issues of Femina Hip's Si Mchezo! magazine, targeting out-of-school youth.
  • Promotional Materials: Banners, tire covers, t-shirts, bags, and bumper stickers further promoted the Wazazi Nipendeni brand.