Implementation and Impact

Tunakuthamini was launched in November 2015 nation-wide through national radio stations. Six unique radio spots were aired on five stations (Clouds FM, RFA, TBC FM, TBC Taifa, and Uhuru FM), and by February 2016, they had been aired 4,500 times. The spots and the Tunakuthamini signature song were also uploaded to SoundCloud, where people could listen on-demand. Key messages on care and treatment issues were incorporated into the Tanzania Capacity and Communication Project's (TCCP) Radio Magazine Program, which operates on 18 radio stations throughout Tanzania.

At the community level, HIV care and treatment issues were incorporated into the Safari ya Mafanikio Community Resource Kit, which was implemented in 12 regions to increase community knowledge, shift attitudes, and promote HIV care and treatment behaviors. 


Omnibus survey data revealed 13.9% of respondents had heard of the campaign as of December 15, 2015, despite only having launched a month prior. Men and women were equally likely to have heard of the campaign, but those with more education, in urban areas, and between the ages of 25-34 were more likely to have heard of the campaign.

When asked what the campaign encourages people to do, respondents stated:

  • Discourage stigma (21%)
  • Support People Living with HIV & AIDS (PLHIV) (18.7%)
  • Encourage PLHIV to take their medication consistently (17.3%)
  • Encourage PLHIV to adhere to appointments (16.9%)
  • Show love to PLHIV (12.9%)
  • Disclose HIV status (8.3%)