Kamiligado on the Air

Kamiligado began airing November 19, 2012, with episodes broadcast nationally, as well as on regional and local radio stations in Iringa, Mbeya, Njombe, Makete, Mara, and Mwanza. After the original 39 episodes aired, the design team made revisions to the original program based on listener and stakeholder feedback. The revised episodes were then aired again starting in August 2014. For the second broadcast, three national and five regional stations were contracted. The regional radio stations covered Njombe, Kagera, Kigoma, Mtwara, Lindi, Rukwa and Ruvuma, which are underserved by the national stations.

(Image on right is Bi Havintishi, a character from Kamiligado)

Connecting with Community Volunteers

Kamiligado recruited listeners identified by local partner organizations as community volunteers. These volunteers were specifically identified as already having credibility in their communities and many had previously undergone some other skills training. The Tanzania Capacity and Communication Project (TCCP) collected mobile phone numbers for over 6,000 community volunteers and sent each an initial SMS allowing them join the radio distance learning registration process. In addition to registered listeners, Omnibus surveys suggested that up to 21% of the entire adult population listened to Kamiligado at least once, and that of those who ever listened, approximately 20% were regular weekly listeners.

Registered listeners received a phone call in which an oral 10-question pre-test was administered and were then sent a set of support materials. These materials included a community mobilization guide covering the various community mobilization techniques covered in the dramatized workshop. They also received a set of 16 cue cards with correct health information on the various health topics covered in the program. These cue cards included tips on how this information can be used in community activities. Other support materials provided included a character booklet and promotional posters, t-shirts, canvas bags, pens, and pull-up banners.

During the second phase of program broadcast which started in August 2014, TCCP partnered with local institutions to follow up with program listeners at the local level.