Impact and Recognition

Radio hosts record a show in the Mwanza district.

Just three months after Aiisseee! launched in early 2014, 19.1% of men and 10.3% of women had been exposed to the campaign. According to data collected through a national, household-based, cross-sectional survey in April of 2014, those exposed to Aiisseee! were:

  • 9.2% more likely to discuss HIV testing with their partners
  • 4.9% more likely to have ever been tested for HIV
  • 8.1% more likely to use a condom at last sex with their primary partner

Aiisseee! has now been aired free of charge on 5 regional radio stations for two seasons, accompanied by an active social media presence to encourage audience participation and feedback. Additionally, a TV adaptation of Aiisseee! has aired on Tanzanian TV and is promoted via social media and on YouTube. Aiisseee! is being broadcast at no cost to the project through a public-private partnership with a media house that recognized the program’s social significance and commercial viability.

In survey data collected a year later in May of 2015, 12.3% of listeners reported doing something to improve their relationship as a result of listening to the show, including:

  • Talking more (41.2%)
  • Spending more time together (29.4%)
  • Going on dates (5.9%)

These findings suggest that use of a subtle yet provocative, humorous approach could create a comfortable forum for addressing hard-to-discuss issues in a non-confrontational way, ultimately leading to behavioral impact.

Aiisseee! has received international recognition from advertising and public institutions, including Ads of the WorldContagious MagazineSoul Beat Africa, the Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3) blog, and the American Public Health Association (APHA).