Tracking Impact

Malaria Safe tracks its impact in two ways:

  1. The Malaria Safe Dashboard allows companies to track and view the impact of malaria control activities on worker absence rates, healthcare costs, and annual returns. This information can then be used to advocate to other companies to join Malaria Safe, and to work with health insurance providers to give incentives and discounts to Malaria Safe companies.
  2. The Malaria Safe Index tracks malaria control activities that participating companies implement each year. This Index is then used to monitor progress and provide support as needed, and identify and recognize outstanding performance. 


Malaria Safe was designed with sustainability in mind. Once companies see the return on their investment in malaria prevention, they tend to continue their malaria control activities, which lessens the burden of malaria control on government and non-profit entities. The Malaria Safe initiative has been so successful that the program model has been included in the Tanzanian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare’s National Malaria Strategic Plan 2014-2020. The goal to recruit 100 companies by 2020 is well on its way. When the initiative was launched in 2012 with eight participating companies, and has since expanded to 61 companies in multiple regions.

The National Malaria Safe Steering Committee is further proof of its sustainability. The Committee has been chaired in the past by the Minister of Health and Social Welfare, and members include industry leaders, parastatals, and NGO and government leaders. The Committee is active and committed to results. 

Global Participation in Malaria Elimination

In 2014, Malaria Safe joined the worldwide call to eliminate malaria by actively participating in World Malaria Day. A Malaria Safe exhibition in Dar es Salaam showcased the excellent work done by the private sector in the fight against malaria, and served as an opportunity to advocate for other companies to join. Fifteen companies and NGOs exhibited, and contributed a total of $39,476 for the event. The Honorable Mizengo P. Pinda, former Prime Minister of Tanzania, was the Guest of Honor at this event. He was joined by other distinguished guests including the Minister of Health and Social Welfare Dr. Seif Suleiman, USAID Tanzania Mission Director Sharon Cromer, and Malaria Safe Ambassador Mr. Leodegar Tenga. World Malaria Day received extensive coverage in the media, including 40 newspaper articles and six blog posts. Six television and radio spots also aired for a two-week period. 

Since then, Malaria Safe has continued to participate in World Malaria Day through hosting events to raise awareness and recruit companies. The 2015 World Malaria Day event included the inaugural Malaria Safe 5K Walk. Entertaining dramatic performances during the event emphasized key malaria prevention and treatment messages. In 2016, the theme for the  event was “End Malaria for Good”. The Guest of Honor at this event was the Permanent Secretary from the MoHCDGEC, Dr. Neema Rusibamayila, and USAID Mission Director David Moore spoke at the event. Malaria Safe member companies contributed more than 2,000 nets to the Government of Tanzania.