The Tanzania Capacity and Communication Project (TCCP) has supported the Tanzania Strategic Health Communication Network (TASHCOM) in developing several essential tools and materials:

  • TASHCOM brochure
  • TASHCOM new alumni registration form
  • Alumni general meeting and zonal meeting reports
  • TASHCOM constitution
  • TASHCOM government registration certificate

The network currently includes approximately 530 alumni members, and is legally registered as a network with the Tanzanian government. Approximately 20% of the members are actively engaged in TCCP activities. TASHCOM has become the first national chapter for AfriComNet and has received some support from AfriComNet for its activities.

TASHCOM will soon institute a fee for members, ensuring the sustainability of the TASHCOM Network after the closure of TCCP.

TASHCOM members have also established a dedicated group on the SpringBoard networking platform for health communication professionals, and a dedicated Facebook page.