The Swahiliwood Filmmaking for Change initiative was by all accounts a huge success. The initiative generated a series of lessons learned that will be essential knowledge for any similar future capacity strengthening efforts.

Lessons Learned

  1. First, they learned that by structuring the Swahiliwood Filmmaking for Change initiative as a competitive training and mentoring process, the Tanzania Capacity and Communication Project (TCCP) was able to train a large group of highly influential local film industry script writers in entertainment education and behavior change communication specific to HIV prevention and treatment.
  2. Second, the film industry in Tanzania has immense economic opportunities. These opportunities reach a large number of people at different economic layers of society. By providing training and capacity building through the Swahiliwood project, TCCP has strengthened economic growth, empowered the industry, and increased health awareness in the communities simultaneously. Additionally, collaborating with private sector distributors ensures the films reach wide audiences through commercially driven distribution networks.
  3. Finally, Swahiliwood provides exciting opportunities for future public-private partnerships (PPPs) with a range of players, from producers and directors to broadcasters and distributors. TCCP leveraged significant amounts of funding through such PPPs.