Health Facility

Wazazi Nipendeni materials were distributed to hospitals, health centers, and dispensaries. These materials included:

  • An individual birth planning brochure which contained pictures and text descriptions of the six key components of birth planning, and spaces to write in a woman's plan for each component. The brochure also gave information on signs of labor and danger signs during pregnancy, as well as a list of tests, services, and treatments a woman should receive during pregnancy. During Phase Two, this was updated to include a checklist of tests, services, and commodities for women before and after delivery.
  • An individual birth planning poster that depicted the six essential elements of an individual birth plan and encouraged women to make a birth plan.
  • Malaria prevention-focused materials that promoted SP for the prevention of malaria during pregnancy. These included a poster and a reminder card.
  • An antenatal care card wallet was distributed for women to use to protect their antenatal care cards, Wazazi Nipendeni brochures, and SP reminder cards
  • pregnancy wheel that was used by providers to determine a woman's due date and included guidance on the timing of SP dosing, as well as information on other important services during pregnancy such as iron and folic acid supplements. 
  • In Phase Two, posters were distributed to health facilities: one on SP, one on breastfeeding, and one on the Wazazi Nipendeni text messaging service.
  • baby weighing bag for use at post-natal care visits.