Green Star Family Planning Campaign

The Green Star Campaign logo and slogan, "Follow the Green Star for Success," in Kiswahili.

Tanzania launched a national family planning campaign in 1993, when President Ali Hassan Mwinyi introduced the Green Star logo as a symbol of the availability of family planning services. The campaign recognized the importance of family planning as a strategy to improve maternal, newborn, and child health, and promote economic and social development in the country. Under the National Family Planning Costed Implementation Plan 2010-2015, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare committed themselves to revitalizing this campaign.

The revitalized Green Star Family Planning campaign emphasizes the importance of healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy, disseminates information about the range of family planning methods available, and addresses concerns about side effects, myths, and misconceptions openly and honestly. The campaign slogan, Fuata nyota ya kijane upate mafanikio, or, “Follow the Green Star for success”, encourages Tanzanians to go for family planning information, services, and supplies wherever they see the Green Star logo.

The revitalized campaign was developed in partnership with the Tanzania Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and other implementing partners.

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