Continuing Engagement

 In May of 2014, the Tanzania Capacity and Communication Project (TCCP) supported the planning of a most vulnerable children (MVC) conference that was held to showcase activities at both the grassroots and policy level. This three-day conference brought together government ministry members, US government partners, civil society organizations, UN agencies, and actively involved MVCs themselves, who were invited from various Dar es Salaam municipalities.

Additionally, TCCP’s radio magazine program provided a convenient platform for partners to address issues facing MVC. TCCP made its programs, which are on 18 national, regional, and district radio stations, available to the Pamoja Tuwalee consortium to discuss care and support for MVC. Through radio magazine programs, families and communities were encouraged to help MVCs to live full and healthy lives.

TCCP also incorporated an activity on MVCs into its Community Resource Kit. This activity was aimed at strengthening community engagement in the care and protection of MVCs. During small group sessions, community members were guided through discussions and participatory experiences, including drama and role-play, that helped them to:

  • Understand child rights by defining and identifying different categories of child rights.
  • Build skills to enable them to intervene appropriately in response to violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of children in their community.
  • Address stigma and discrimination against orphans, children living with and affected by HIV and AIDS, and children with disabilities.
  • Engage in discussions and share ideas and strategies for what they and their communities could do to address the basic needs of MVCs (shelter, food and good nutrition, health care, and education) to prepare them for a safe and healthy future.