Community Resource Kit

The Safari ya Mafanikio (Journey of Hope) Community Resource Kit (CRK) trains Community Change Agents (CCAs) to facilitate participants in activities that address health issues facing individuals, families, and communities in Tanzania. Development programs have long relied on community engagement tools to facilitate activities around health and social issues at the community level. The CRK addresses the need for community engagement tools that focus on community-initiated actions and behavior change and the need for a single, consolidated community engagement tool. It uniquely provides a community outreach intervention beyond home visits, which are one-on-one.

This intervention encourages participation and dialogue. The activities can be used in both formal and informal settings, and are most effective for groups of 15-25 participants of any literacy level. The CRK primarily uses a guidebook to train facilitators. It offers advice on how to effectively prepare for sessions, facilitate during sessions, and how to follow-up appropriately. It also provides several icebreakers/energizers and outlines all components of 12 different modules to prepare facilitators for ongoing sessions.

CRK uses these 12 modules and activities to go beyond just discussing and understanding the issues, but to create learning experiences. The goal of these modules is to “touch the heart, not just the head,” and to help participants apply what they learn to their own health and wellness issues. It shows participants why maintaining health is important, and how it can help us reach what we want and value in our lives.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (CCP) and the Tanzania Communication and Development Center (TCDC) under the Tanzania Capacity and Communication Project (TCCP) collaborated with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW) with support from USAID to create the Safari ya Mafanikio (Journey of Success) CRK.

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