Aiisseee! Couple Communication Campaign

“Aiisseee!” is typical Swahili slang, commonly used to express surprise or mild shock, usually at hearing something unexpected.

Aiisseee! (“I Say!”) is a multi-media campaign based on the idea that couples that communicate effectively will have healthier relationships. The largest aspect of the campaign is a game show, in which couples compete to see how well they know each other. It is a platform to discuss serious relationship issues in a low-stakes setting. The show uses humor and friendly competition to spark conversations about HIV prevention, maternal and child health, and family planning, using a subtle approach to discuss traditionally taboo topics.

Aiisseee! was created because data from the Tanzania Capacity and Communication Project (TCCP)'s household baseline survey suggested that couple communication in Tanzania was low. Research shows that couple communication can positively influence health behaviors, and it has shown statistically significant increases in the uptake of family planning, HIV counseling and testing, and condom use. TCCP, therefore, sought to develop an interactive entertainment-education platform that modeled effective couple communication, with the ultimate objective of improving health outcomes such as family planning, maternal and child health, and HIV prevention and treatment. 

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The short documentary below provides an overview of the game show and campaign.