Swaziland’s comprehensive 5-year strategy to reduce HIV incidence through voluntary, safe male circumcision services

The MC Strategy has been developed carefully to ensure that safe MC for HIV prevention services may be provided to as many Swazi men in the highest risk age group as quickly as possible; implementation on a public health scale (reaching many men, quickly) has the best potential to maximally impact Swaziland’s HIV epidemic. 

As indicated in The Policy, MC as a means of preventing HIV transmission in Swaziland is not a stand-alone effort but complements existing HIV prevention strategies, including: HTC; treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs); abstinence, and reduced risk of infection through safer sexual practices (proper and consistent use of condoms in penetrative sex, faithfulness to partner(s), and avoidance of concurrent sexual partnerships). To this end, MC will be implemented in a way that guarantees clients and communities access to all other forms of HIV prevention.

Swaziland Male Circumcision Task Force