Report of the Male Circumcision & HIV Prevention Country Consultation Meeting

Evidence from two decades of observational studies suggests that MC can partially protect men from acquiring HIV. Results form the Orange Farm Intervention Trial in South Africa indicated a 60% reduction in HIV acquisition among uncircumcised men aged 18-24 years thus prompting UNAIDS to issue a position statement and to develop a UN Work Plan on MC & HIV. In line with this plan, UNAIDS is working with countries to determine the potential role of MC within their comprehensive HIV prevention programmes and Swaziland is one of the countries receiving support through the UN Work Plan. Despite increased investments in HIV&AIDS interventions, Swaziland has been losing the war against the pandemic with the HIV prevalence multiplying ten times from 3.9% in 1992 to 42.6% in 2004.

Kingdom of Swaziland Ministry of Health