Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission

In Swaziland, a four pronged approach to prevention of HIV infection in women and infants has been adopted including primary prevention of HIV; prevention of unintended pregnancies among HIV positive women; reduction of mother to child transmission among HIV positive women and provision of treatment, care and support for HIV positive women and their families. Care of HIV exposed infants and diagnosis of HIV infection in infants are part of PMTCT services. Currently, PMTCT services are available in 110 out of 162 health facilities56 which means that 68% of health facilities offer the minimum package for prevention of HIV infection in infants and young children (MOHSW 2008). The minimum package of services for PMTCT consists of comprehensive ANC for pregnant women, HTC; ART or ARV prophylaxis for prevention; infant feeding and young child counseling and support; follow up services and a continuum of care including linkages to care and treatment.