What is the Swaziland HIV Prevention Toolkit?

It is a collection of HIV prevention resources with all of the prevention sub-thematic areas and is specific to Swaziland.

What is the purpose of this toolkit?

This toolkit ensures that all HIV stakeholders and implementers have access to current HIV prevention information to enhance evidence informed decision-making and improve program performance and patient outcomes.

Who are the intended audiences?

This toolkit is intended for all public, private and NGO sectors involved in the HIV response. In addition, students in tertiary institutions will benefit from this resource as they conduct their research projects.

What is the intended use of this toolkit?

All HIV stakeholders will have access to the online toolkit and innovative ways will ensure access to partners with limited or no access to Internet. All HIV implementers will be expected to use this page to update their skills and knowledge in emerging issues and national guidance for HIV prevention.

How often is the toolkit reviewed to ensure accuracy?

This toolkit will be reviewed every three months to ensure it contains accurate and relevant information.

Who developed this toolkit?

This is an initiative of NERCHA and MOH with the support of the ICT Ministry. PEPFAR through USAID has financed the toolkit. In addition, K4Health, PSI, and the Information Centre assisted in the establishment of the toolkit.

What is the benefit of this toolkit to clients and patients?

The more HIV partners and implementers who have access to current tools, information and resources to advance the HIV agenda, the better the quality of care across all beneficiaries of HIV care.