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Interested in Building a K4Health Toolkit?

Thinking of joining K4Health's network of partners to improve access to health information in low- and middle-income countries? Covering a range of family planning and related topics, K4Health Toolkits are products of collaboration between K4Health and more than 100 partner organizations around the world. Our partners build Toolkits collaboratively using unique Web-based software developed by K4Health, which allows subject matter experts to develop online Toolkits without the need for specialized IT skills.

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Toolkit functions

Considerations for Toolkit developers

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Toolkit functions

This easy-to-use Web-based software functions as a:

  • Private work space. In a password-protected environment, members of a Toolkit working group can view the Toolkit in its online format as it is being developed and can add and revise content themselves.
  • Publishing tool. Once the Toolkit developers decide that the Toolkit is ready for public viewing, K4Health can quickly remove the password protection so that any Internet user can access it.
  • Living website. The launch of a Toolkit does not signal the end of the Toolkit working group or the Toolkit manager’s involvement. The Toolkit should be continually updated to reflect the latest information and resources on the given topic. 

Considerations for Toolkit developers

K4Health is committed to providing accurate and up-to-date family planning and related information and tools to our users around the world. Prospective Toolkit builders should consider the following questions:

  • Is your proposed Toolkit topic focused on family planning or a closely related issue?
  • What are the purpose, audience(s), and scope of your proposed Toolkit?
  • What is the sustainability plan for this Toolkit? In other words, what processes will be used to maintain, update, promote, and disseminate the Toolkit on an ongoing basis after launch, and who will manage these processes?

How K4Health helps Toolkit developers

In addition to providing access to the Toolkit Application software, K4Health can help Toolkit managers and technical working groups in a number of other ways:

  • Training on how to use the Toolkit Application and build a user-friendly Toolkit
  • Ongoing technical support with the Toolkit Application
  • Research support to help you identify relevant resources and develop or edit landing page content
  • Quality control to ensure your Toolkit is highly usable and makes a strongly positive impression on visitors
  • Ongoing promotion of Toolkits
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the reach and impact of your Toolkit using web analytics, the Toolkit feedback form, and other mechanisms

Guidance documents

The Conceptual Framework for Producing K4Health Toolkits is a useful tool for showing the relationship between the key inputs and processes for developing Toolkits and the intended impact of Toolkits on health programs and outcomes. The framework centers around five main activities in the Toolkit-building process, detailed in the guidance documents linked below. Please read through these guidance documents before beginning the Toolkit development process. 

Five Steps For Building and Managing a K4Health Toolkit

  1. Establishing a technical working group
  2. Developing a user-friendly K4Health Toolkit
  3. Promoting and disseminating the K4Health Toolkit
  4. Updating the K4Health Toolkit
  5. Monitoring and evaluating use and usefulness of the K4Health Toolkit


K4Health also offers a technical brief, Three Process Models to Meet the Needs and Interests of Our Partners.

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To contact the Toolkits team, email us at 

Watch a toolkit orientation video to learn more about the main features and how to navigate the Toolkits.

Visit K4Health's Toolkits Dissemination Kit - a collection of resources from K4Health and our partners that includes a dissemination plan for Toolkits with suggested activities, sample promotional materials, and templates.