Training and Lectures for Faculty and Students

Capacity Building of College Lecturers

Chancellor College lecturers attended and participated in Leadership in Strategic Health Communication trainings alongside HES and District Health Promotion Officers. A total of four lecturers from the Language and Communication Skills Department participated in this training.

Internship Program

SSDI-Communication and Chancellor College worked together to select undergraduate students to participate in internships with partner organizations. These opportunities to observe and participate in SBCC activities strengthened the capacity of students and cultivated their interest in health communication. A total of seven interns were recruited in two consecutive years, and each of them spending a month in the program.

Guest Lectures

To increase interest in SBCC and provide students with access to experts in the field, SSDI-Communication delivered a total of four guest lectures at Chancellor College. The guest lectures targeted post-graduate and undergraduate students, lecturers, researchers and other members. The lectures covered a range of topics related to SBCC and relevant to SSDI-Communication and health promotion in Malawi:

  • July 2013: “The Effects of Social Behavior Change Communication Interventions: Evidence from around the Globe,” Dr. Carol Underwood of Johns Hopkins University.
  • November 2013: “Social and Behavior Change Communication: Why It Matters in Public Health,” Thomas Ofem, former Senior Advisor for SBCC at SSDI-Communication.
  • February 2014: “Umbrella Platform Campaigns for Good Health and Wellbeing,” Dr. Alinafe Kasiya, former Deputy Chief of Party and current Chief of Party for SSDI-Communication.
  • July 2015: “The Power of Reality Radio Programming for Social and Behavior Change,” Triza Hara, Deputy Chief of Party for SSDI-Communication.