Reality Radio

SSDI-Communication produced and aired reality radio programming from 2012-2016. From 2012-2015, the program was called Chenicheni Nchiti? (“What is the reality?”) and produced in collaboration with BRIDGE II, the project under which the program was originally developed. In July 2015, the program transitioned its title from Chenicheni Nchiti? to Moyo ndi Mpamba, fully aligning it with the campaign.

The program aimed to create a supportive environment in communities for the adoption of healthy behaviors, and inspire individuals and families to adopt those healthy behaviors. Episodes included the real life experiences and stories of people whose lives changed as a result of adopting healthy behaviors as well as stories of people whose lives and families had suffered the consequences of not practicing healthy behaviors. In this way, listeners found role models for change while being exposed to the consequences of making unhealthy choices, which, according to behavior change theory, would increase their perception of risk while developing their self-efficacy to take action. The show’s hosts encouraged listeners to get involved and engaged by asking them to answer a question each week through an SMS message or on the program’s Facebook page. Some people who responded were interviewed for future programs.

SSDI-Communication worked with stakeholders including the Ministry of Health, the National AIDS Commission, community members, and radio production partners to map out the health issues and messages to be covered in each quarter of programming, outline program content, and communication objectives for each episode. Based on this guidance, field producers gathered stories from communities throughout SSDI implementation districts. 

Reality Radio for DREAMS

In its final year, SSDI-Communication developed and produced a second Moyo ndi Mpamba weekly reality radio program titled “Tiyeni Achinyamata!” (“Youth on the Go!”) that focused on HIV prevention among adolescent girls and young women to support PEPFAR's DREAMS initiative. Tiyeni Achinyamata! resembled the main Moyo ndi Mpamba radio show in many aspects, but had a youthful tone. The program provided a platform for adolescent girls and young women to discuss issues that put them at risk of contracting HIV, and highlighted possible ways for reducing their risk. Apart from directly reaching out to adolescent girls and young women, the program complemented community level efforts of other partners in the country in mobilizing families, schools, male sexual partners of adolescent girls and young women, and communities in keeping girls free from HIV and safe from gender-based violence.  A total of 22 episodes were aired on MBC and Zodiac Broadcasting Services, with over 6,500 SMS received from listeners. The program also engaged listeners through Facebook