Program Monitoring

Throughout the implementation of activities, SSDI-Communication conducted a variety of monitoring activities. Among other things, to routinely monitor activities, staff ensured that radio airwaves were monitored in order to determine how many times Moyo ndi Mpamba radio spots and radio programs aired; trips to the districts confirmed that posters, billboards, and leaflets were in place and disseminated; supportive supervision visits to CAGs provided opportunities to learn how many community mobilization activities were ongoing; and collaboration with SSDI-Services allowed staff to track how many Family Health Booklets and Community Health Worker Flipcharts were disseminated.

Additionally, SMS received during the airing of the Moyo ndi Mpamba radio serial drama as well as the Moyo ndi Mpamba reality radio program served as vital monitoring and feedback data. These messages provided valuable insight into how audiences received the programs, and how future episodes could be adjusted to better meet their needs.