Using the power of entertainment for health promotion, SSDI-Communication implemented a Music4Life initiative through which musical artists were engaged to produce and perform songs that incorporated health messages. Under guidance from the Music Association of Malawi, the project conducted three regional music festivals that involved song, dance, and health talks. Following the music festivals, SSDI-Communication facilitated production of an music album that featured different famous Malawian artists who are familiar at both the district and national level in Malawi. The CD was distributed to over 13 national and community radio stations, markets, and freelance DJs in rural and urban areas. The dissemination of the songs through multiple channels increased the likelihood of them being heard in different gatherings and on various radio programs. The project also facilitated the production of an all-stars music video that engaged famous artists in the production of a Moyo ndi Mpamba theme song that was distributed to top TV stations in Malawi (MBC TV, Zodiak TV, and Times TV).