Moyo ndi Mpamba, Usamalireni! Campaign

Why Moyo ndi Mpamba?

The health situation for a majority of Malawians remains poor, despite progress made on some indicators in the past decade. In response to this difficulty, SSDI-Communication supported the Ministry of Health in realizing its ambitious health promotion agenda by developing and running a three year multimedia, multi-level Moyo ndi Mpamba, Usamalireni (“Life is precious, take care of it”) campaign. The ultimate goal of this campaign was to promote positive health behaviors and create demand for available services across six focus health areas – HIV & AIDS; family planning; nutrition; maternal, neonatal and child health; malaria; and water, sanitation and hygiene – and with audiences across the socio-ecological landscape and all targeted life stages.

Campaign Design

The development of the campaign focused on filling gaps identified through formative research in order to create a positive environment for men and women, health workers, religious and community leaders to actively discuss health problems, find ways to tackle them together and then take actions to change individual behaviors and community norms.

The campaign was designed based on the socio-ecological model, with reinforcing interventions at multiple levels: individual, family, society and service level.  The project further adopted the Life Stages Approach and targeted four specific age groups: young married couples, parents of children under five years, parents of older children (6 -9  years), and adolescents (10 -19 years). The campaign capitalized on significant changes in people’s lives, marked by pivotal events such as the birth of a child, transition from childhood to adulthood, marriage, and first pregnancy.

A Brand of Hope and Unity

The brand name, Moyo ndi Mpamba, Usamalireni (Life is precious, take care of it) resonated with Malawian culture and values. Its literal translation, “life is capital/investment” was likened to business capital, which can easily be lost if mishandled. Communication messages encouraged individuals, families and communities to treasure and safeguard life. Its messages and images were packaged to portray a healthy lifestyle, using positive images of audience representatives living out the aspirations of the people: small healthy families doing simple things to keep healthy such as sleeping under nets, going for ANC, and using modern contraceptives.

The Moyo ndi Mpamba campaign formed the foundation and platform for all other SSDI-Communication activities. All capacity strengthening efforts for community mobilization partners, government, the media, the academia and all other mass media interventions were developed within the framework of Moyo ndi Mpamba.  

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Moyo ndi Mpamba took Malawi by storm, and the brand now is widely recognized. Data collected during SSDI-Communication’s endline survey in mid-2016 indicate that 89% of men and 78% of women in Malawi have heard of Moyo ndi Mpamba.

The brand has been so well received that the Ministry of Health adopted Moyo ndi Mpamba as the official health promotion brand for the Government of Malawi, and included it as the brand for all health promotion activities for 2015-2020, as laid out in the National Health Communication Strategy for that time period.

In the picture below, a huge crowd gathers for the launch of the Moyo ndi Mpamba campaign.