Mass Media and Print Materials

To promote health behavior change across the six focal health areas of the Moyo ndi Mpamba campaign and increase brand recognition, SSDI-Communication produced a series of posters, leaflets, billboards, and radio spots that it disseminated on a massive scale.


Moyo ndi Mpamba billboards appeared in 11 locations throughout Malawi for three years. Messages on the billboards were consistent with the messages promoted through other SSDI-Communication platforms.


Posters on all six health areas promoted behaviors such as nightly use of long-lasting insecticide treated nets, eating from the six food groups during pregnancy, washing hands at key moments, and giving Zinc (along with oral rehydration solution) to children who have diarrhea. Over 44,000 copies of Moyo ndi Mpamba posters on all six health areas promoted healthy behaviors in health centers and other places frequented by community members including schools, market places, and agricultural development centers.


Leaflets on all six health areas promoted behaviors that aligned with those of the Moyo ndi Mpamba posters. Over 600,000 Moyo ndi Mpamba leaflets reached the hands of opinion leaders, community leaders, and individuals active in health promotion in their communities.

Radio Spots

The project produced Moyo ndi Mpamba-branded radio spots on five health topics (excluding HIV) as well as a spot on brand promotion. Malawians nationwide heard these radio spots more than 8,000 times.