The Components of Media4Life

The Media4Life initiative included five key components:

Media for Life Conferences gathered key media and public health stakeholders, and provided them with a space to examine the status of health in Malawi and the relationship between the media and health sectors. Two of these conferences allowed participants to explore opportunities for sustained and committed cooperation.

Journalist Trainings empowered 91 journalists with knowledge in the six priority health areas that were the focus of SSDI-Communication. These trainings aimed to promote high-quality health reporting and to improve the coverage of health issues in the local media. 

Media Cafes generated discourse and dialogue around health topics and motivated health reporting. Six media cafes implemented by the project also allowed the Ministry of Health to cultivate positive relationships with members of the media.

Journalist Fellowships supported the travel of selected journalists to districts to cover health-related issues. Two journalists from four big media houses were awarded fellowships.

Equipment support provided media houses with essential equipment needed to enhance their capacity to cover health issues.  SSDI-Communication provided equipment worth $5,000 to four media houses.