Community Health Worker Flipchart

The Community Health Worker Flipchart is an integrated SBCC support material that contains cue cards and corresponding content on SSDI-Communication’s six focal health areas that aligned with the messages included in the Family Health Booklet. The flipchart is simple and easy to use, even for low-literate audiences. SSDI-Communication developed flipchart in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health for SSDI-Services and Ministry of Health community volunteers to use as a reference during community and household outreach activities.

SSDI-Communication also supported the Ministry of Health (MOH) to brand its "Kulera" (family planning [FP]) flipchart to fall under the Moyo ndi Mpamba campaign, and printed copies of the flipchart to support the MOH's promotion of FP in Malawi. 

Integrated Messaging and Quality Assurance

The flipchart not only included key health messages, it also provided guidance on interpersonal communication and counseling directed toward community volunteers. During household visits, community volunteers followed a procedure outlined in the flipchart to ensure a comprehensive counseling visit: 

  • Greet the client and conduct introductions.
  • Establish the life stages of the household’s family members by asking if there is a child in the household, the age of the child, the use of family planning methods, etc.
  • Tell the household contact about specific health topics they could discuss during the meeting basing on the life stage of the particular household.
  • Agree on a topic to discuss with the household contact and turn to the appropriate card in the flipchart.
  • Ask the client to describe the picture(s) on the chosen card and relate it to the selected health topic, and ask probing questions to learn the client’s level of knowledge as well as their beliefs and attitudes. Answers to probing questions are then answered by the key messages on the cue card.
  • After the discussion, the volunteer and the contact person agreed on day of their next meeting when another card would be selected and discussed.  

 A Wide Reach

Over 12,000 Community Health Worker Flipcharts reached communities in Malawi in 13 districts. SSDI-Communication oriented over 8,000 community health workers and volunteers on how to use it to support families to adopt healthy behaviors. Anecdotal reports indicate that the Flipchart has filled a gap in basic health information at a literacy level appropriate for audiences in rural areas.