ln early 2004, the government officially confirmed that cases of avian influenza has been detected. The infected poultry was identified in Pekalongan in the heart of Central Java.The Health Ministry deslgnated hospitals in high risk areas to deal with any suspected human cases. ln July 2005, a 38-year-old father from a Jakarta suburb became the first laboratory confirmed case. His two daughters also died, but H5N1 could not be confirmed. An investigation could not determine where or how the victim contracted the virus. Cases quickly began to mount. Hundreds of thousands of poultry had died of the vlrus. lndonesia was fast becoming the center of the storm.

Several regulations by different ministries and institution were immediately issued to tackle the problems. Among these ministries and institution, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, and Komnas FBPI were the leading sectors.  This page contains regulations issued by these government bodies related with AI prevention and control.