Indonesian-Dutch Partnership Program on HPAI Control (Completed: 2007-2011)

Since 2005, the government of The Netherlands has actively supported the development of control program for HPAI. This Government to Government collaboration resulted in 2007 in the establishment of the Indonesian-Dutch Partnership for the control of HPAI in Indonesia.

From the start, the major focus of the partnership activities was to develop control strategies for HPAI outbreaks in poultry. The development of these control programs was supported by several field and laboratory studies that generated insight in the efficacy of locally produced vaccines but also in the structure of the market chain and the whereabouts of the virus that causes avian influenza. These insights have been helpful in developing policies that can support control programs.

In addition, over the years, the partnership activities have shifted to support capacity development programs in local veterinary services and vaccine industry. The challenge was and still remains how this support can lead to sustainable results in the laboratories, at universities, and in the field.