Avian and Pandemic Influenza Resources for Indonesia toolkit was developed in 2012 under SAFE (Strategies Against Flu Emergency)-USAID program as a tool to  facilitate coordination among partners by sharing information, knowledge and communicating experiences for AI and Pandemic Influenza Programs in Indonesia.

In its process, SAFE did not wish to create a new tool, rather it wishes to optimize the already existing online platform namely K4Health (Knowledge for Health).

In this endeavor, Indonesia is the pioneer in which documents on Avian Influenza and Pandemic Influenza is carefully selected, stored, and shared among users. It is a collaborating effort in which several organisations are involved and in-charge.  Currently the structure for the site has been finalized.  No less than 160 documents have populated the sites from different organization. 

On 2 April 2013, a training was conducted inviting participants from line technical agencies in Indonesia, such as Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, Komnas (“National Commission”) Zoonosis, FAO, WHO, and USAID. Representative of these institutions were granted special access to upload their own resources as they become available, so that the toolkit remains a living and dynamic platform through which all stakeholders can share the latest and most important information.