Integrating Reproductive Health into Youth Development Programs Toolkit

Welcome to the Integrating Reproductive Health into Youth Development eToolkit.  
This toolkit was developed as part of the International Youth Foundation (IYF)’s Planning for Life program. IYF invests in the extraordinary potential of young people. Founded in 1990, IYF builds and maintains a worldwide community of businesses, governments, and civil-society organizations committed to empowering youth to be healthy, productive, and engaged citizens. IYF programs are catalysts of change that help young people obtain a quality education, gain employability skills, make healthy choices, and improve their communities.
The Planning for Life program was launched in 2007 with support from USAID and World Learning with the objective to improve the health of young men and women ages 10-24 by addressing their reproductive health needs and by promoting the integration of reproductive health (RH) and family planning (FP) as critical components of youth development programming.
Young people, like adults, require motivation to make healthy decisions about their reproductive behavior. Evidence demonstrates that positive youth reproductive health outcomes are closely linked with educational and economic opportunities. Comprehensive youth-focused programs support young people to develop skills and talents that lead to better educational and employment opportunities. When combined with reproductive health information and services, these programs can motivate youth to postpone sexual activity or practice safer sexual behavior by help­ing them understand the long-term impact of their decisions and the importance of planning their futures.
In response to the growing global need to improve the reproductive health of young people, IYF believes that youth should have access to age-appropriate and relevant reproductive health and family planning information and services. IYF hopes this toolkit can serve as a resource for both strengthening existing youth programs and developing new programs for youth that incorporate reproductive and sexual health education and empowerment. The toolkit is organized into five categories: Strategic Framework, Project Development & Design, Curricula and Lessons Learned.
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Toolkit last updated: March 27, 2013