Quantification of Public Health Commodities Toolkit

What is quantification?

Quantification is a key logistic function that is made up of forecasting and supply planning. Forecasting is aimed at estimating future consumption and supply planning ensures that adequate quantities of commodities are procured and delivered to satisfy needs of health programs. Quantification relies on knowledgeable professionals, without whom, the commodity needs estimations for health programs would be incorrect, which in turn may lead to either overstock and wastage or understock and denial of critical life-saving products from clients whose health is dependent and sustained by the availability of commodities. It is important to know that supply planning generally informs commodity needs of health programs and more specifically the periodic procurement orders. 

Why quantification of public health commodities toolkit?

This toolkit helps to both build and strengthen the capacity of individuals and organizations by providing a one stop place that allows easy and timely access to important information and tools pertaining to quantification. From manuals/guides to databases to country experiences, this toolkit provides a large inventory of publications and resources, which encompass a broad range of public health areas including reproductive health, maternal and child health, HIV&AIDS, malaria, and TB, just to name a few. The main objectives of the toolkit are to:

  • present, in a user-friendly way, a vast array of evidence-based information and resources pertaining to quantification of public health commodities, all conveniently located in one place;
  • help strengthen the technical knowledge and skills of logisticians and others in forecasting and supply planning of health commodities, and thus improve forecast accuracy; and
  • disseminate best practices and country experiences related to quantification exercises.

If you have any comment regarding the toolkit or would like to contribute additional information/ resources to it, please feel free to complete the feedback form. You may also go to the site map to link to any specific resource.  

Toolkit last updated: July 13, 2016