What is the purpose of this toolkit?

The purpose of this and other MCHIP toolkits is to collect and package resources that are useful to country programs for developing, implementing, monitoring and scaling up maternal health related interventions at various levels. MCHIP has created a number of useful resources for this toolkit including a program implementation guide.

Who developed this toolkit?

This toolkit was developed by the USAID-funded Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program (MCHIP). MCHIP supports programming in maternal, newborn and child health, immunization, family planning, malaria and HIV/AIDS, and strongly encourages opportunities for integration.

What types of resources are included?

This toolkit contains current evidence, materials and experiences from around the world. It reflects contributions from many donors, agencies, associations, academic institutions and organizations which have identified postpartum hemorrhage as a priority—and contribute in different ways to addressing it.

Who are the intended audiences?

This toolkit is intended for country programs to develop, implement, monitor and scale up maternal health related interventions at various levels.