Population, Health and Environment (PHE) Community-Based Distribution and Peer Education System: A Guide for Training PHE Adult Peer Educators

This training guide was developed for use in courses to train population, health and environment (PHE) Adult Peer Educators (PEs) who work on integrated PHE activities. PHE Adult PEs are eligible adults—men and women—who are willing to be trained and volunteer to talk to their peers about health, family planning, environmental protection and PHE linkages as well as to refer eligible clients to PHE community-based distributors (CBDs) or health centers as a source for FP commodities. A PHE Adult PE is selected from among the sexually active members from the target communities where PHE activities are taking place. They are mainly responsible for providing integrated PHE information, education, communication (IEC) messages and materials and for motivating the community and FP clients to engage in pro-health, pro-environment behaviors. This training guide should be used to train new PHE Adult PEs over the suggested three-day period. This training guide contains 12 modules covering basic topics that PHE Adult PEs need to know to discuss basic ecology, PHE linkages, and reproductive health/family planning with community members within a PHE context. This Guide is based on the BALANCED Project publication, "Population, Health and Environment (PHE) Community-based Distribution and Peer Education System: Train-the-Trainer Guide for Training PHE Community-based Distributors and PHE Adult Peer Educators," which was adapted from the Community-Based Integrated Reproductive Health and Coastal Resource Management Training of Trainers Manual for Community Health Outreach Workers developed by PFPI under its USAID and David and Lucile Packard Foundation-supported Integrated Population and Coastal Resources Management (IPOPCORM) initiative and from other resources. It was adapted after testing in Tanzania and Ethiopia.